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Few things in life can pull the excitement and adrenaline like college basketball.
We've all been there... The fans pouring in loudly buzzing about their team, seats filled with vibrant team colors, the cheers, the energy, the community.
It's all for one purpose: to be a part of college basketball.
Thus the tribute begins. The College Basketball Experience. The history of the collegiate game, brought to life and at your fingertips.
The vision for The College Basketball Experience and National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in Kansas City sprung from the idea that college basketball needed a full-time national, iconic home where the game could be celebrated all year round.

TME OUT Get off the bench and in the game!The CBE is a destination for casual or hard-core fans. It is a multi-purpose, multi-use facility that has quickly endeared itself locally, regionally and nationally as the place that honors the greats of the game, both past and present, while allowing visitors to "get in the game".
It is not a museum and some might say...The CBE has rewritten the book on the creation of facilities of this type.
The energy and madness of mens collegiate basketball is represented here with authentic and fully interactive experiences that will lead you into the thrill and history of the game. Visitors from across the globe have come to marvel at and be a part of this living, impressive and unparalleled venue.

The Pioneer & Father of CoachingJames Naismith, the inventor of the game, arrived in Lawrence, Kansas in 1898 and the first University of Kansas basketball team took the court in 1899 for the Jayhawk's inaugural basketball season under Naismith's direction as coach.
One of Naismith's students was the famed Phog Allen. Allen was the second mens basketball coach at KU and went on to become one of the most successful and influential basketball coaches in the early days of the game.
Phog Allen is considered to be the father of basketball coaching and is credited with organizing the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) in 1927, designed to protect the integrity and traditions of the game as well as the coaches and student athletes.

Located in Kansas City was not by accidentSignificant roots and history related to the game grew up through Kansas City soil. Since 1906, national collegiate basketball tournaments have been a fixture on the sporting landscape of Kansas City and the surrounding region.
Kansas City was the professional birthplace and home of the NCAA for over fifty years. The Big 8 offices were previously headquartered here and today, Kansas City is home to the NAIA National Headquarters. The history of our nation, Kansas City and basketball parallel and are forever tied together in a weave of culture, sport and fascination. Kansas City is famous as a college basketball town, and along with the legend of Kansas City jazz and barbeque excellence, is making this part of the country famous worldwide.