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Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 1:19pm

OPEN LETTER FROM CBE Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Henderson

HELP US, HELP THEM December Clothing Drive

OPEN LETTER FROM CBE Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Henderson

Dear CBE Fans, Visitors and Guests...As you know, the CBE is engaged in a clothing drive project along with LINC (Local Investment Commission), Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) and The Kansas City Leaders Forum (KCLF) to help 3-4 year old toddler students at the Woodland Early Learning Community School in Kansas City. This school is made up entirely of this age group. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these students lack very basic essentials of necessary clothing such as socks, underwear, gloves and knit/wool caps.

The vast majority of these students are from working families but unfortunately, due to the tight economic times, these particular items are in short supply as stretched family dollars go more toward shirts, shoes, pants, utilities and food.

CBE officials along with KCPS, KCLF and LINC officials have visited this school on a few occasions and we can verify that the need is real.

The CBE will provide a leadership donation of $1000 in new clothing product to the school.

Sizes range from 2t-7t (toddler).

We kicked off this effort over the weekend hoping our fans, customers and friends would donate to this cause as well. Some have and we sincerely thank those who took the time to donate to such a worthy cause.

Unfortunately, so much more is needed beyond the current donations coupled with the CBE's $1000 donation of clothing.

The requested items are typically $1-$5 items at Walmart, Family Dollar or Dollar General stores and we respectfully ask for your help and support of this effort.

For each donation, the CBE is providing $4 ticket discount coupons and CBE Hoop Shop discounts of 15% per donation that can be used by December 31.

At the very least, we feel a responsibility to try and provide a little assistance to a small group of children in need to assure them the clothing security, warmth and dignity they deserve.

We know this issue is replicated throughout our city many times and the need is vast. Although we cannot impact the vast majority of children in this situation, we can positively impact the lives of a few.

Our barrels will be out through the end of December at our box office inside the Grand Lobby of Sprint Center (Grand Blvd. side of building-main Sprint Center/CBE entrances) during regular business hours.

If you choose not to visit the CBE on that day, feel free to just drop off your items in the barrels, receive your coupons and come back to visit at a more convenient time for you and your family.

We love our customers, fans and visitors and we very sincerely hope you will join The CBE in this very worthwhile effort.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request and for your donations.

Happy Holidays and may the season bring you and yours joy and peace!

Kevin L. Henderson
CEO, The College Basketball Experience and NCBHoF